Flexed Burial

Flexed Burial

Photo by Herb Roe, http://www.chromesun.com

Over the last 20 years I have been collecting the words whose pronunciation cause my students most problems. In recent months I’ve decided that one way to confront these problematic pronunciations is to present the words in established expressions in which the pronunciation is reinforced by a sound parallelism[1].

I’ve decided to start the presentation of these terms with the archaeological expression “flexed burial[2]. OK, admittedly it’s not an expression you’re going to use every day but it can be graphically illustrated and it should help with the frequently mispronounced ‘burial’, in which the -u- is pronounced /e/. Finally, notice that ‘flexed’ is pronounced /flekst/.

Please tell me if you find this useful because, if you do, I should be able to produce d ozens of similar illustrated expressions over the coming weeks and months.

For more on sound parallelisms, look out for[3] my forthcoming[4] book Rhyme or Reason? The euphony of 10,001 everyday word combinations.

For more footnoted texts, visit www.yes-mag.com

[1] sound parallelism – repetition of the same sound in consecutive stressed syllables

[2] flexed burial – when a cadaver/skeleton has been interred in a fetal position

[3] to look out for – be vigilant for

[4] forthcoming – in the pipeline, coming soon


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