Headaches 2: Additional Relief

Headaches 2: Additional Relief

Improved Diet

Diets that are deficient in fibre are likely to[1] lead to[2] constipation[3], which can mean that more toxins are absorbed into the body. This will cause headaches and other symptoms. Avoid[4] refined ingredients like white sugar and refined flour[5]. By adding bran[6] to food you can partially compensate for the lack of[7] roughage[8] caused by the refining of processed food. Moreover, a diet rich in vitamins and minerals can reduce stress. For example, brewer’s yeast[9] contains vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6 as well as vitamin C – all of which offer anti-stress benefits.

Foods rich in vitamin E – avocados[10], cold-pressed vegetable oils, nuts[11] and seeds[12] can also help because vitamin E neutralizes the effects of toxic free radicals, which are believed to cause some headaches.

Intracranial Headaches

Intracranial headaches are caused by an increase in blood[13] pressure in the arteries at the base of the brain. This may arise from[14] problems of high blood pressure, stress, a hangover[15], fever or other factors. One characteristic of intracranial headaches is that the pain changes as you change posture. Relief[16] can be achieved[17] by a flannel[18] soaked in[19] cold water being applied to the back of the neck[20].

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are referred pains (i.e.[21] they are perceived in a different part of the body from where they originate). These extracranial headaches are the result of stress, fatigue, frustration, anxiety or depression. They usually come from tensions in neck[22] muscles and facial muscles. The ability to massage your face and neck effectively is a useful tool[23] for relieving headaches. Learn to massage your face and neck or convince your significant other[24] to learn these skills[25]. You should also learn a routine of gentle neck exercises. It goes without saying that you should also try to minimize the stress in your life.

Daily tension headaches are usually caused by depression, anxiety, anger, frustration or a feeling of inadequacy. They can also arise from[26] excessive use of painkillers. The best solution to these problems is to seek[27] psychological help.

The best way to reduce the risk of headaches is to have a healthy diet, to minimize stress and to sleep regular hours. However, if you suffer from regular headaches you should seek professional medical advice[28].

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[1] are likely to – will probably

[2] to lead to – cause, result in

[3] constipation – (false friend) – difficulty defecating

[4] to avoid – (in this case) try not to eat

[5] flourparticles of cereal grain used to make bread, etc.

[6] bran – husks (= dry covering) of cereal grain (usually eliminated to make white flour5

[7] lack ofabsence of, deficiency in

[8] roughagedietary fibre

[9]  brewer’s yeastyeast (= fungi used to ferment sugar and make bread) used to make beer

[10] avocado (pear) – pear-shaped fruit from Mexico that has oily green flesh

[11] nutfruit with a hard shell and edible kernel (e.g. almonds, Brazil nuts and peanuts)

[12] seed – grain, pip

[13] blood (adj.) – (in this case) arterial

[14] to arise from (arise-arose-arisen) – be caused by

[15] hangoverheadache and other symptoms resulting from excessive drinking of alcohol

[16] relief – alleviation, mitigation, reduction of pain

[17] to achieve – obtain, gain, find

[18] flannelsmall towel for the face

[19] to be soaked in – be saturated with

[20] neckvertebral column connecting the head to the body

[21] i.e. – (id est) that is

[22] neck (adj.) – cervical

[23] tool – (in this case) technique, skill25

[24] significant other – romantic/sexual partner, husband/boyfriend or wife/girlfriend

[25] skill – technique, talent, ability

[26] to arise from (arise-arose-arisen) – occur because of, be the result of

[27] to seek (seek-sought-sought) – ask for, try to find

[28] advice – recommendations, help


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