Grammar Clanger[1]

Grammar Clanger[1]


Photo credit: The Poplar Walk in San Fernando de Henares by Adrian Llie

Here is a real job advertisement that appeared this week. Can you identify the grammatical mistake?

We are seeking to[2] appoint[3] a Senior[4] Teacher Trainer for our Head Office in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid). The successful candidate will be responsible for identify, propose, plan, elaborate and carry out[5] training opportunities aimed at[6] teachers and teaching professionals, communicating [the publishing company’s] mission, values, objectives and relevant methodologies:

I have eliminated the publishing company’s name for obvious reasons.

[1] clangerblunder, embarrassing mistake, serious error

[2] to be seeking to (seek-sought-sought) – be trying to, wantto

[3] to appoint – (false friend) select

[4] senior – (false friend) experienced

[5] to carry out – perform, execute

[6] aimed at – directed at, (in this case) for


One thought on “Grammar Clanger[1]

  1. After a preposition you have to use a gerund (-ing form), so it should be “responsibility for identifying, proposing, planning, elaborating and carrying out training opportunities…”. Obviously, quite so many words ending -ing together is not very elegant (the fact that it is followed by the gerundive “training” doesn’t help!) but the sentence as is, is simply wrong.


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