My Niggling[1] Fear about Mr Trump

My Niggling[1] Fear about Mr Trump


Many people have expressed fears about the Trump presidency from the terror that he will start a nuclear war to his acceleration of environment disaster to trepidations[2] about economic collapse. I don’t dismiss[3] these fears, even a remote possibility of any of the three should worry any sane[4] individual. Even so, my major fear is rather[5] different; I worry that he might simply lose interest.

I’ll explain. Mr Trump has spent much of his time observing and adjudicating competitions. First there is his long-standing[6] interest in beauty pageants[7]. Then there was The Apprentice – a competition to see who could prove themselves to be most ruthless[8] in business. My fear is that Mr Trump viewed the US election as the ultimate[9] beauty contest[10]. Unfortunately, beauty contests don’t have consequences, only tiaras[11]. Running[12] a country, I imagine, is an arduous, thankless task[13]ultimately[14] attractive if you have an ideology, but I think that Mr Trump doesn’t. So, if I’m right, now that he has won the ‘Mr America title’, Donald may be a rather00 distracted president leaving government to Newt Gringrich and Rudy Giuliani. Now if anybody thinks that those deeply conservative members of the Establishment are going to “drain the swamp[15] they really are optimistic. Gringrich was the poster boy of gridlock[16] in the 1990s. Radical change is rarely introduced by men in their seventies.

[1] niggling – persistent, that causes persistent anxiety

[2] trepidations – fears, worries

[3] to dismiss – deny, treat as not worth serious consideration

[4] sane – not mad, not crazy

[5] rathersomewhat, surprisingly

[6] longstandinglong-term, well established, persistent

[7] beauty pageantbeauty competition (e.g. Miss World)

[8] ruthless – unrelenting, implacable

[9] ultimate – (false friend) definitive

[10] contest – (false friend) competition

[11] tiaralittle crown worn by a princess or a beauty queen

[12] to run sth. (run-ran-run) – govern, manage

[13] task – job

[14] ultimately – (false friend) in the final analysis

[15] to drain the swamp – (buzzword) eliminate corruption and bureaucracy from government

[16] gridlock – (in this case) the inability of the Republican and Democrat parties to work together with the result that necessary legislation is not passed


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